Bathroom Builders Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms

Bathroom Builders Payment Terms are 50% deposit upon agreement of quotation,Further 25% to secure Materials and 25% on completion of works.

The initial 50% deposit is to secure your date and all the construction materials which will be required.The further 25% is to secure all ware and tiles needed for the job.

The remaining 25% is to be paid on Final day of works Customers will receive a invoice and balance can be made payable by cheque,credit card or bank transfer. Any snags found on the jobs will be completed in a timely and prompt manner and cannot be used to withhold final payment. 

Please note once the order has gone through on the ware you have selected any changes can incur charges. Customers are also advised to look over the scope of works thoroughly before work commences to highlight any discrepancies or changes before work begins ,as the final scope of works will be used for completion of the job.

Terms & Conditions of Quotation

  1. All quotation will remain valid for a period of 60 days. At this point the quotation can be reviewed and resubmitted if necessary.
  2. All prices in the Scope of Works and Breakdown of Costs are a fixed price. Any additional works will be treated as a variation to the original contract.
  3. The quotation is based on what is visible at the time of quotation/site visit. We have not included to repair or upgrade any structural or service defects which are not visible and are not part of the Scope Of Works and Breakdown of Costs. Accepting a quotation is a Verbal contract and all parties are to adhere to the terms and conditions set out at the time of the quote being accepted.  
  4. All us of electrical works are fully compliant with current building regulations and certified accordingly. Under the current building regulations electricians who are certifying their works have a duty of care to highlight any existing electrical works in need upgrading. This is part of our service and any additional works which may be required can be carried out as a variation to the original contract.
  5. All customers are required to sign off on completed work on the final day of the job. Any snags raised at the time will be rectified either immediately or within the coming days , customers cannot withhold payment on the bases of minor snags and any issues receiving payment passed the day specified make incur additional chargers.
  6. We have a one year guarantee on materials. Any work completed by external contractors/ tradesmen(other than Bathroom Builders) on these materials within the 12 month period will void the warranty with Bathroom Builders. Any call outs ,where it is found customer/ external contractor is at fault , will incur a call out charge and charge for work if rectified.
  7. PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY-IT MIGHT SIGNIFICANTLY AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS,INCLUDING YOUR RIGHT TO FILE A LAWSUIT IN COURT AND HAVE A JURY HEAD YOUR CLAIMS. Any dispute or claim relating in any way to the work carried out by Bathroom Builders , or to any products or service provided by Bathroom Builders will be resolved by binding arbitration, rather than in court, except that you may assert claims in small claims court if your claims qualify.